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Союз фотохудожников России - Коллекция исторической фотографии - The Russian Union of Art Photographers


daily life
children, youth, men, women, family, wedding, old people, veterans, labour, leisure, entertainment, holidays, feast, funeral.

city life, city environment, urban transport, municipal services.

country life
village, landscape, kolkhoz (collective farm), farming, agriculture, animal husbandry, poultry farming, trade hunting, fishery.

landscape, plants, domestic animals, wild animals, amphibias, reptiles, insects, birds, fish, underwater, national parks, zoos, environmental pollution.

arts and culture
modern architecture, architectural and historical monuments, ballet, arts and crafts, painting, journalism, cinema, literature, fashion, museums, music, national crafts, sculpture, dance, theatre, television, folklore, photography, circus, show.

personalities, foreign personalities, parties and public associations, political life, political conflicts, political repressions, human rights.

science and education
scientists, polar expeditions, Academy of Sciences, research centers, school, college, university.

religion and belief
churches, buddhism, hinduism, judaism, catholicism, islam, orthodoxy, protestantism, shamanism.

fuel industry, electronics, oil and gas, metallurgy, engineering, construction, power engineering, chemicals, defence industry, carpentry, light industry, food industry.

road transport, railway transport, air transport, sea transport, river transport.

cosmonauts (astronauts), Earth from Space.

trade, small business, business, finances, money.

television, internet, mail, telegraph, phone, radio.

domestic services, food and drinks.

health care
health centers, hospitals.

sportsmen, sports parades and holidays, olympics, physical training, sport and ice climbing.

tourism and travel

infantry, navy, air forces, motor-shooting , artillery, armoured forces, space troops, military training, generals.

World War I, Civil War, Finnish War, World War II, Great Patriotic War, armed conflicts, memorials.

disasters and accidents
meteorological disasters, industrial accidents, Russian Rescue Corps.

social issues
poverty, unemployment, disabled people, orphanage, nursing homes, alcoholism.

law and justice
traffic police, trials, prison.

family album
groups, man and woman, studio shooting, indoors, outdoors, naive photography, documents.

applied photography
interiors, objects, food, texture, flowers, cookery.


Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, city, high tech, province, North, aviation, cars, industry, still life, seas, mountains, objects, sports, arts, art-portrait, pictorial photography, collage, photographica, nude.